Illustration to be appeared in an art book “Energy 2021”

I drew this illustration for an art book “Energy 2021” published by “Artbook Secretariat” at the end of May.

The main motif is “Osiris”, and he is surrounded by pyramids, camels, and hieroglyphs that symbolize Egypt. “Osiris” is the god of the underworld who is said to be a symbol of rebirth and the afterlife.
When I heard the theme was “Energy,” the first thing that came to my mind was energy for “life”.
The mummies were made with the belief in the continuity of life after death, and the pyramids are so huge that it’s hard to believe they were created with the technology of the time. Then I really feel the power of life from Egypt, and wanted to express it.

I like the sight of the camels (for tourist?) dressed in ethnic cloths, and if I have a chance to travel Egypt, I want to see the live pyramids while riding that camel.

Software: Illustrator / Clip Studio Paint