Introductory articles about my essay manga

My essay manga regarding childcare was introduced on some web media.

<CONOBIE> – web media for childcare information
“Conobie” provides lots of funny essay manga, and I’m one of the fans.
Thank you for writing the nice article about me.
“Conobie” article page

<NINARU POCKE> – web media for childcare information
“ninaru pocke” introduced my essay about the health checkup for 1 and half years old.
I hope this manga would be helpful for someone who is making strenuous effort for raising kids.
“ninaru pocke” article page (1)
“ninaru pocke” article page (2)

<OTONANSWER> – web media regarding life, manga, and entertainments for “OTONA”(adults)
“Otonanswer” introduced my essay about ‘what came out of the kettle’.
I know there are some criticisms, we should pay careful attention to the safety for kids.
“Otonanswer” article page

<Laughing Media CURAZY> – web media for any genre of funny entertainments
“Laughing Media CURAZY” was one of the media that I wanted to be mentioned. Thank you for nice articles.
“Laughing Media CURAZY” article page (1)
“Laughing Media CURAZY” article page (2)