Likeness Icon Illustration

Gave icon illustrations as a thank-you project on social media

To show my gratitude to those who always look at my manga and illustrations on Twitter and Instagram, I gave icon illustrations to four people chosen by lottery among the applicants.

I was able to continue drawing illustrations and manga until my job as an illustrator became viable, which is thanks to the many people who kept responding to me on social media.
I received lots of heartfelt messages than I expected, I could find my own way of drawing likeness, and it was a valuable experience for me.
Thank you to everyone who participate in this project.

1) <Request: Make a family of four into vegetables or food, favorite colors are pastels>
I chose spring vegetables (rape blossoms, bamboo shoots, spring cabbage, and butterbur scapes) to express a gentle and graceful atmosphere.

2) <Request: Likeness of a family of four, parents to be “Shu-ru” (is a Japanese word that means a bit weird and unique) >
I drew kids to cute and energetic, and parents to deadpan with subdued colors.

3) <Request: Likeness of a family of four, with cheerful colors >
I used pink as the base color, and drew it with bright, cute and pop taste imagining smiles bursting forth.

4) <Request: A girl having scissors with simple taste, favorite colors are black, white, gray, turquoise blue and purple>
The requester is a hair stylist, so I tried to draw it to be as stylish as possible.

制作ソフト:Clip Studio Paint / Illustrator