Sales Promotion Manga for Mebius Seiyaku

Sales Promotion Manga for Mebius Seiyaku

Drew a manga introducing about how Acne forms

– Client:Mebius Seiyaku (pharmaceutical and cosmetic company)
– Script:Provided by Mebius Seiyaku
– Drawn by mentamanta

I got an order of a sales promotion manga for the launch of an acne care brand from the client.
The story is about immune cell brothers struggling to protect the world of skin. (Total 12 pages)
I created the manga based on the script they provided.

I had a hard time dividing the manga frames because there was a lot of text information to explain how acne is formed and the types of acne.
But the cellular characters are cute trying to keep their world healthy, and I enjoyed drawing them until the end.
Although some of the battle scenes were serious, I kept the familiarity by sticking to a pop illustrations.

Thank you for finding me.

Software: Clip Studio Paint / Photoshop