Sales Promotion Manga for Ohayo Biotechnologies

Sales Promotion Manga for Ohayo Biotechnologies

Drew a manga introducing about the super lactic acid bacteria “L. reuteri”

– Client : Ohayo Biotechnologies Inc.
– Produced and Scripted by SHINFIELD Co.,Ltd.
– Drawn by mentamanta

I was in charge of the drawing part of the manga that introduces the function of super lactic acid bacteria “L. reuteri”. (Total 16 pages)
Shinfield created a very interesting scenario, and I had a lot of fun from the beginning to the end, starting with character design.

The one I enjoyed drawing the most was the “Duke of Bad Bacteria”. It made me realize again how much I love drawing characters.
On the other hand, the most difficult one was “Ms. Reuteri”. I had never drawn a female character with a great body, so I went through many revisions.
The kissing face of Princess Flora, which is not shown here, was also difficult to express with my own touch while maintaining its cuteness.

The manga booklets are being distributed in stores for sales promotion, so if you see one somewhere, please read the story as well.
I found some subjects I can improve on, and this became a work with a lot of feelings.

Web page of Ohayo Biotechnologies’ “Reuteri”

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