Happy 3rd birthday animation for my son
The theme is “DUCOPON (popcorn)”, which is my son’s two-year-old word that made a big impression on me.

Flaccid Stripe

One of my favorite color scheme patterns

Onigiri in a bowl

Icon Illustration of my mascot “Onigiri-san”


Momotaro (peach boy) and his attendants (dog, monkey, pheasant and divided peaches), which I drew to increase the number of illustrations for kids.
(“Momotaro” is Japanese folklore story)


Temari motif pattern I made for 2021 New Year
(Temari is a ball toy that has been in Japan since long time ago.)

Ume Stripe

Japanese plum pattern merged with flaccid stripe

Working People (Office)

I drew this illustration while remembering the days at the shipping company which took care of me a lot.


Peranakan goods, nyonya foods and national costume in Malaysia and Singapore
Living in Malaysia is what got me hooked on ethnic things.