mentamanta illustration

Catchy Illustrations Stirring a Double-Take

Illustrator / Manga Artist   mentamanta

Don’t my surreal yet kawaii and quirky characters catch your eye?
With the concept of “Bringing a little relaxation for those who live a stressful life”, I create illustrations make you loosen up, manga make you chuckle, and characters make you do a double-take.

Characters / Books / Magazines / WEB / Advertisement

**English website is in preparation**


What I Can Create

Comic Touch Illustrations

This touch can express detailed facial expressions and movements in a comical way.
It can be used for books, magazines, advertisements, and many other versatile purposes.
Currently, I mainly work on this touch for commercial works.
(Application used: Photoshop, Illustrator, Fresco, Clip Studio Paint)

Lineless Touch Illustrations

This touch is focused on the color scheme and can express a soft atmosphere.
Some are simple, and others are layered with patterns