“What a Future!? Capital Fukuoka” TNC – October 2023 broadcasts

“What a Future!? Capital Fukuoka” TNC – October 2023 broadcasts

Illustrations for TV show I am tasked with.

October 1, 2023 broadcast

October 8, 2023 broadcast

October 15, 2023 broadcast

October 22, 2023 broadcast

Application used:Clip Studio Paint, Photoshop

My favorites are the first one and 5th one, illustration of a laboratory where geniuses gather to create something and a man who doesn’t understand the animal languages.
It’s funny the geniuses creating machines that don’t look futuristic even though it is set 100 years in the future.

Due to maternity leave, the Oct. 22 broadcast was the last time I would paint the theme illustrations for each show.
It was a great honor to be entrusted with so many illustrations from the very beginning of the program, and to be used so extensively. Thank you so much for enjoyable fun time!

Since the Oct. 29 broadcast, Toru Matsuo has been painting theme illustrations.
Hope many people continue to enjoy this show along with Matsuo’s cute illustrations.

•Show Title: “What a Future!? Capital Fukuoka” 
•Broadcaster: Television Nishinippon Corporation (TNC)
•Air date: Every Sunday at 12:00 pm
•Service area: Fukuoka, Japan
•Personalities: Eiji Kotoge(Viking), Hiroe Igeta, Goriken 
•Website: https://www.tnc.co.jp/capital_fukuoka

ナンテ未来ダ!?首都福岡 | テレビ西日本

ページトップ しかし、”首都福岡”にはさまざまな問題が山積み。その問題を、現代のうちに変えてほしいと願いタイムスリップしてきた。番組は、GORIKENのお願いに沿って現在の福岡を取材。 VTRを見ながら、福岡出身の小峠英二と井桁弘恵が、今できることを楽しく考える。

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