Hidden Picture for “Nlab” – Strawberry

Hidden Picture for “Nlab” – Strawberry

Painted illustrations for hidden picture

I am tasked with illustrations for hidden picture articles in the news website “Nlab”.
(*Currently on maternity leave)
A vegetable name is hidden in the illustration of fruit characters.

This time, I depicted a ramen shop crowded with strawberries.
My favorite one is the strawberry leaving with satisfied look on his face after eating ramen. (upper right in the illustration)

Due to maternity leave, I’m taking time off from this hidden picture series.
This strawberry work was the last one before my leave.
Starting with the daikon radish work, I have made a total of 13 works so far.
All of these works were great fun to make.

When I am able to resume this job again, I would like to make many fun illustrations that will make people chuckle.

See the article  (Published in October 27, 2023)

・ Client : ITmedia Inc.
・Medium : Website “Nlab”

Application used : Fresco, Illustrator