“Secrets of Arithmetic” – TAKAHASHI SHOTEN

“Secrets of Arithmetic” – TAKAHASHI SHOTEN

Created icon illustrations

Created two icon characters for an arithmetic book for children.
One is a triangular ruler student, and the other is a protractor teacher.
I was torn between other motifs but made them with consideration for clarity even when it printed in small size.

This book can be enjoyed not only by children but also by adults, hope parents and children will enjoy it together.

・Book Title:”The More You Know, the More You Like Secrets of Arithmetic”
・Supervised by:細水保宏
・Edited by:亀井未希
・Associate Editor:澤田憲 田中絵里子
・Book Design by:杉山健太郎
・Illustrations by:mugny(Chapter 1) カケヒジュン(Beginning, Chapter 2) Masaki(Chapter 3) 川原瑞丸(Chapter 4) 間芝勇輔(Chapter 5, Bonus③ of Chapter 3) Mentamanta(Icon)

More about this book – TAKAHASHI SHOTEN website

Application Used: Clip Studio Paint, Photoshop