“Studysapuri” Elementary School Course – Japanese – 1st Grade 1st Term

“Studysapuri” Elementary School Course – Japanese – 1st Grade 1st Term

Painted 40 illustrations for tablet learning material

I made illustrations used for the questions in the tablet learning material, “Studysapuri”, elementary school course.
Several illustrators were assigned to the project, and I was given the opportunity to make comical illustrations.

These illustrations are from the 1st term of 1st grade course.
All of them were fun to paint in unique settings as well as other 2 terms.

I painted total 120 vector illustrations in this project, all made in Illustrator.
Although it takes more time and effort than illustrations finished in Photoshop, my skills was further developed through this work.

Hope it will help children enjoy learning.

・Client:Recruit Co., Ltd.
・Medium:Tablet learning material “Studysapuri – Elementary school course”
・Assigned field:Japanese – Words / 1st grade – 3rd term, 2nd grade -1st term, 1st grade – 1st term

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Application used: Illustrator