“What a Future!? Capital Fukuoka” TNC – August 2023 broadcasts

“What a Future!? Capital Fukuoka” TNC – August 2023 broadcasts

Illustrations for TV show I am tasked with.

August 6, 2023 broadcast

August 13, 2023 broadcast

August 20, 2023 broadcast

August 27, 2023 broadcast

Application used:Clip Studio Paint, Photoshop

My favorites are the first one and 4th one, illustration of people who are ordered by AI robot president, and the elderly band.
It’s a bit scary to think about a future where humans are used by AI, but I depicted the AI robot cute so that the mood softened.
The 4th illustration reminds me of the university days of enjoying music with bands….that was fun.

•Show Title: “What a Future!? Capital Fukuoka” 
•Broadcaster: Television Nishinippon Corporation (TNC)
•Air date: Every Sunday at 12:00 pm
•Service area: Fukuoka, Japan
•Personalities: Eiji Kotoge(Viking), Hiroe Igeta, Goriken 

ナンテ未来ダ!?首都福岡 | テレビ西日本

ページトップ しかし、”首都福岡”にはさまざまな問題が山積み。その問題を、現代のうちに変えてほしいと願いタイムスリップしてきた。番組は、GORIKENのお願いに沿って現在の福岡を取材。 VTRを見ながら、福岡出身の小峠英二と井桁弘恵が、今できることを楽しく考える。

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