Magazine for Childcare Worker “Hoiku-up” Gakken

Magazine for Childcare Worker “Hoiku-up” Gakken

Painted illustrations for a feature article

I made 8 illustrations for the December issue of “Hoiku-up,” a magazine for childcare worker issued by Gakken.
The theme of the article is “playing with science in a nursery school.”
I painted elf illustrations with an image of science and sprout, and explanatory illustrations about science play.
Elf illustrations are painted without lines and explanatory illustrations are painted with lines.

– Issue: A magazine for childcare worker “Hoikuu-up December 2022”
– Article: “Playing with science in a nursery school” (page 2~)
– Published by Gakken Inc.
– Supervised by 小谷卓也(Professor of Department of Education, Osaka Ohtani University)
– Design by FROG KING STUDIO (森田 直 佐藤桜弥子) 堀田綾子 福田万美子
– Illustration by mentamanta

More about this magazine – Gakken website Hoiku-can

Application used: Fresco, Illustrator