Sauna at Home – Orangepage

Sauna at Home – Orangepage

Made 5 pages of manga and 5 illustrations

The article and manga shows how to enjoy the sauna experience at home.
I have always wanted to try sauna, but never had the opportunity until doing this work.
Trying to “sauna at home” made me less resistant to cold water, and now I’m getting into sauna.
Thank you for the enjoyable opportunity.

– Issue: Cooking magazine “Orangepage” February 17, 2023
– Article: “Sauna at Home” (page 61~)  
– Published by The Orangepage Inc.
– Supervised by 笹野美紀恵
– Written by 佐々木紀子
– Design by 島谷美紗子
– Illustration and Manga by Mentamanta

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Application used: Clip Studio Paint, Photoshop