Agricultural Magazine “Chijo” 2022-09

Agricultural Magazine “Chijo” 2022-09

Drew a title page illustration for a feature article

I made the title page illustration for the September issue of “Chijo,” the agricultural magazine of JA group.
The theme of this article is “How to deal with harmful animals,” and I drew boars, deer, monkeys, and people like farmer, hunter and town office worker who face the animals.
Their goal is to coexist with wildlife, so I tried to portray them peacefully, not too seriously.

To protect crops, we need to reduce the number of harmful animals by hunting. By reading this article, I realized that we are able to enjoy eating well thanks to people who are facing “lives” every day.

Thank you for the second request, following last year’s work.

– Issue: Agricultural magazine “Chijo” September 2022
– Article: “How to dal with harmful animals” (page 50~)
– Published by IE-NO-HIKARI ASSOCIATION (JA Group)
– Design by BOLD GRAPHIC co.
– Illustration by mentamanta

More about this magazine – IE-NO-HIKARI website

Application used: Fresco, Illustrator