JA Group Magazine “Chijo”

JA Group Magazine “Chijo”

Drew illustrations for a feature article

I drew the title page illustration and cut illustrations for “flow mindset” article.
This article introduces a brain training method to turn frustration into a good mood.
To match the content of the article, I depicted four farmers in a relaxed atmosphere.

In my hometown, lots of people work in agriculture and also I helped with the farm work when I was a little.
So I was glad to have an opportunity to work for an agriculture magazine.
Thank you for the fun time.

– Issue: Agriculture and food magazine “Chijo” August 2021
– Article: “Goodbye barren frustration – Cultivate a flow mindset” (page 52-59)
– Published by IE-NO-HIKARI ASSOCIATION (JA Group)
– Supervised by 辻 秀一
– Written by 成見智子
– Design by BOLD GRAPHIC co.
– Illustration by mentamanta

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Application used: Clip Studio Paint, Photoshop