“Mirakuri” Tempura Oil Recycling

“Mirakuri” Tempura Oil Recycling

Painted 40 illustrations for a teaching material pamphlet

I painted illustrations related to used cooking oil (UCO) recycling for a teaching material pamphlet used in elementary schools.
The characters of oil, plastic bottle and used paper make it fun for children to learn about the usefulness of used cooking oil and its recycling process.
My favorite one is the illustration of a wrestler-like worker swinging dirty used oil (in the center of page 7 of this pamphlet).
I enjoyed painting all of them.

I didn’t know how useful UCO is, and leaned a lot about its recycling through this work.
Hope many children will enjoy learning about cooking oil with this pamphlet.

– Published and Organized by Social Service Corporation
– Medium : Teaching material pamphlet for elementary schools “Mirakuri – Tempura Oil Recycling That Makes Our Future”
– Special Collaboration : UCO JAPAN (Federation of Used Cooking Oil Cooperative Associations)
– Edited by CADEC Corporation
– Design by 丸山智子
– Illustration by mentamanta

“Mirakuri” website

Application used : Clip Studio Paint, Photoshop