Illustrator/ Manga Artist
(Real name: Kanae Sakamoto)

– Born in 1988
– From Hyogo, currently living in Tokyo, Japan
– Graduated from School of Sociology, Kwansei Gakuin University (Major in Thanatology)
– A member of Illustrators Tsushin, SUGAR Illustrators’ Club

I started to draw illustrations and manga through self-study. 
After working at several companies, I have started illustration and manga job since 2019.

Comical and cute characters are my speciality. I’m good at making characters other than people.
I also make original patterns (in preparation for stock) and illustrations mixed with my patterns.

Currently, my commercial works are mainly advertising manga and reporting manga,
but I ‘d like to be engaged in work in various genres and mediums.

If you need illustrations catching the eye with unique characters, or cute illustrations mixed a little surreal, please feel free to contact me.
I will respond flexibly using the experience in customer service at shipping company. 

– Main Software: Illustrator, Photoshop, CLIP STUDIO PAINT
– Form of Delivery: Digital (ai, psd, eps, png, jpg, etc.)
– Working Environment: iMac, iPad
– Basic Business Hours: 10:00-16:00 and 21:00-23:00 on weekdays
(My response might be delayed during the evening time, and on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays, due to the care for my son.)

My History 

I was born and raised in the countryside of Hyogo.
I’ve liked drawing and painting ever since I was little, and I was often praised for my pictures at school.
During my elementary, junior high, and high school days, I worked hard on studying and club activity, spent the days ordinarily.

When I was thinking about proceeding to universities, art colleges came to my mind.
However, people around me told me to go to prestigious universities because I was able to study well.
I thought like “that’s the way it is”, then I followed them.
(That was typical Japanese youth style.)

In my university days, I devoted myself to the music.
I belonged to the music club, and drew a mascot character of my friends’ band.
This was the origin of my illustration, and I started to drawing illustrations digitally.

The job market was bleak when I graduated, so I struggled to find the job.
I continued job hunting even after graduating with my hope of using English, and Taiwanese shipping company accepted me.
I had worked earnestly at customer service for two years while living alone in Nagoya.
Through the wide range of tasks and rough tempered customers, I acquired export-import knowledge and guts.

I quit my job to accompany my husband who was transferred to Malaysia.
In Malaysia, I met Malaysian and Indonesian batik, and it fascinated me. I collected  them a lot.
This was the trigger to start drawing original patterns after several years.

After living in Malaysia for two years, my husband changed his job and we moved to Tokyo, Japan.
I still wanted to get a job that needs English, so I worked in administration for trading and foreign patent at several companies.
After working for one year and a half in total, I left work again due to the pregnancy and childbirth.

I was fully satisfied with the office work, then I decided to do different things next.
If I work in a new organization, it gets difficult to balance work and raising children.
Therefore, I decided on a self-employed way.

Drawing – it was the only thing that I can do on my own.
It’s a job I’ve always wanted to do since I was little.
I thought I should live my life as an illustrator and a manga artist, and here I am.

My favorite things 

Casually surreal things, funny and interesting things, stupid gags, pop music, ethnic things, pattens, travel and trip, studying English, thinking of life and death

What I want to do 

Illustrations/manga depicted people comically, book-cover illustrations, illustrations for kids, travel and ethnic related illustrations,
character design, package illustration, poster illustration, textile/fabric design,
manga which makes exhausted people relaxed and giggle, original short animation (including original music),
something regarding existential emptiness and life and death etc.


TOEIC score 860, The Proficiency Test in Trading Business – Class C