JA Group Magazin “Chijo”

JA Group Magazin “Chijo”

Drew a title page illustration and cut illustrations for a feature articles regarding “flow mind”

– Issue : Agriculture and food magazine “Chijo” August 2021
– Page:p52-59 feature article “Goodbye to barren frustration and cultivate a ‘flow mind’ ”
– Published by : JA Group Ieno Hikari Association
– Supervision:Mr. Shuichi Tsuji
– Text:Ms. Tomoko Narumi
– Design:BOLD GRAPHIC co.
– Illustration:mentamanta

I drew a title page illustration and cut illustrations for “Chijo”, an agriculture and food magazine of JA Group.
The content of this feature introduces brain training methods to turn frustration into a good mood, which is perfect for these times of expanded stress in society. The illustrations depict four farmers getting vitalized while growing a bean plant and their hearts.

My hometown is very active in agriculture, so I was happy to be involved in agriculture-related work.
What made me personally excited was that Yusaku Hanakuma, who I’ve loved since junior high school, was illustrating for this magazine! We didn’t do anything together at all, but just the fact that our illustrations are on the same medium is so exciting.

For that reason, it was a very happy and enjoyable work. Thank you for the good opportunity.

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Sofrware:Clip Studio Paint / Photoshop