Reportage Manga Published in the Magazine “Orangepage”

Reportage Manga Published in the Magazine “Orangepage”

Drew a reportage manga for a feature article regarding cooking basics

– Issue : “Orangepage”  April 17, 2021
– Page : p29-35  feature article ” ‘Why is that?’ before cooking”
– Published by : The Orangepage Inc.
– Supervision and Cooking : Ms. Hiromi Kodama
– Photography : Mr. Kenji Mimura
– Design : Ms. Misako Shimatani
– Illustration:mentamanta (6 pages of reportage manga and cut illustrations)

This is a reportage manga on the reasons and secrets behind the tasks we naturally do when cooking, as taught by Ms. Hiromi Kodama of Kagawa Nutrition University. I’ve never been taught how to cook properly before, and I’ve been doing cooking completely on my own way, so I learned a lot through this work.
I was able to learn about cooking while working, and I was even treated to a professional meal, it was so tasty and juicy work.

I consciously structured the manga so that it would not be difficult to read even with a lot of text. I struggled to express all the information I wanted to include in a limited space, but I was relieved to hear that it was well received. 
It was my first time to work for a magazine  (interviewing was also first time), then I was a bit nervous, but I’m very grateful for this opportunity.
I’ve decided to relearn how to cook taking this opportunity, so I’d like to enjoy “Orangepage” as a reader too from now on.

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