Participated for the first time in the yearbook of “Illustrators Tsushin”, an organization I belong to

This is a yearbook of illustrators who belong to “Illustrators Tsushin”.
I joined that organization in 2020, and was able to participate in the 2021’s book.
This wonderful cover illustration which makes you feel cheerful and relax, is by Miho Nameki.
My illustration can be found on page 230.

There are three illustrations of character pushing, and one illustration of object.
I like dull colors, but I choose a bit more bright colors when I work on commission.
Most of my work requests are for manga or comic illustrations, and I’ve come to realize that’s where the demand for me is.
But someday, I’d like to take on pattern illustrations work as well.
I’m going to strengthen manga and comic illustrations for a while.

If many people aware of me through this book, it would be so nice!